Water Purification System,  South India, 2006

Privately funded a water purification system for a Tibetan settlement; it has helped educate hundreds of community members to drink safe and clean water.




Safari Jungle,  South India, 2007

Celebrated our daughter's 2nd birthday with children in the Safari jungle.



Tawang Orphanage,  North India, 2009

Offered the first birthday party for 120+ children in the orphanage, and it has become a way for sponsors to support the orphans ever since.




Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),  Milpitas, CA, 2011

Created "Mindful Waiting" weekly sessions based on the the MBSR program that my husband started teaching mindfulness voluntarily in Milpitas prison. It has helped inmates to go through difficult times during the past years.



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),  Milpitas, CA, 2013

Created Mindfulness at Work study group at Cisco and hope to raise MBSR awareness in a fast pace and high stress working environment. The goal is to help Cisco employees be more focused, happy, and ultimately be more productive with a balanced work life.



Safari Jungle,  South India, 2013

Returned to the Safari jungle for my daughter's 8th birthday and met incredible teachers dedicating themselves to bring education for the village children.


Baby La Project,  South India, 2014

Created a hand-made doll prototype including a mobile app to help Tibetan women in India generate a substantial living income. Each doll is designed with a lucky meaning from the Tibetan culture. The mobile app would help advertise, create more sales and bring awareness to preserve Tibetan language and culture. 

> Prototype Design Mockups (.pdf)


Safari Jungle,  South India, 2016

Another three years passed by, we went back to see those lovely children and incredible teachers in the Safari. Interacting with the community has become part of our family lives, and the experience is particulaily precious for our daughter. When the same gestures have become a routine, strangers became like friends, and that is how I feel the happiness!



Inspiration: Dolls4Tibet