Hi,  I am an UX design specialist, and Iā€™m passionate about designs as a means to solve business problems by creating meaningful connections among people, products, and brands.

My primary design experience has been in software development.  Design is fundamentally about problem Solving:  I define meaningful goals for both end users and the business, evaluate problems and find the best design solutions.  I also enjoy collaborating with product managers, business analysts, IT, developers, and data scientists to integrate their feedback into my designs. 

It is very exciting to be able to design experiences on different platforms and devices. I love to be in the latest technologies, recently, I have enjoyed dabbling into autonomous cars, smart devices, IOT, augmented and virtual reality, and drone designs.

I came from visual design background, and minimalism is my design philosophy.  With extensive experience in hi-tech, financial, entertainment and education industries, I turned my designs into actionable recommendations that helped improve products.  My focus is to create simple and intuitive user experience and connect business requirements and programming to create functional and delightful products.

I received my master degree in multimedia computer art, which is incorporating images, sound, video, and animation to create stories with interaction designs.  My undergraduate studies in graphic design and Chinese painting inspired me with the beauty of typography, forms, utilizing the white space and how the design elements would work together in a cohesive way for the entire design. 

Besides my work experience, I enjoy practicing different medias such as photography, oriental ink painting and taught children art for over 10 years.  I am always curios about how things work, what people think, and I am interested in learning something new, culture, people, and nature.  I believe Charity Giving which brings me energy, creativity, and happiness.



Charity Inspiration

Helping others in need is truly helping ourselves. Opening my arms from my heart fuels my energy, creativity, and happiness.